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This Mission of Douglas Count Fire District 4 is to protect the lives and the property of the citizens and visitors in our district and community through emergency response, education and prevention.

Founded in 1946, The Orondo Fire Department responds to emergencies on the East Side of the Columbia River from Turtle Rock on the South end to North of the Beebe Bridge. There are stations with apparatus in Orondo, Brays, Lone Pine with a Station under construction at the Beebe Bridge. Emergency Response is to fires, medical aid calls, accidents and natural disasters.


You can serve as a member of the Orondo Fire Department as a Firefighter, EMT or Auxiliary member. The department provides all of the gear and training necessary to respond to calls. The main traits of our firefighters is a desire to help the community and ability to work with others as a team. Our team consists of men and women from cadets aged 16 - 18 to firefighters over 80. Many of our new volunteers are retirees. We value diversity, teamwork and a positive attitude.

As a firefighter you can be a full combat firefighter, wildland firefighter, apparatus operator and other rolls. We will work with you to match your skills and abilities to the position. Firefighters respond to structure fires, wildland fires and auto fires as well as accidents. Firefighters also respond to medical calls. 

Emergency Medical Technicians:
EMTs are trained and then certified to respond to emergency medical calls. Each station has an apparatus for first response to medical calls equipped with aid gear to meet the needs of emergencies. Each EMT is also equipped with a medical bag and AED with the tools and ability to respond directly to the medical emergency to provide the quickest care possible. Our district partners with Ballard Ambulance and Lake Chelan Community Hospital for transports. EMTs respond to sickness and injury calls, conduct blood pressure and blood sugar clinics with many also being firefighters.

Our Auxiliary Members perform the vital function of support services to the department. It is made of people who wish to support the communities emergency response capability but do not wish to be front line firefighters. Their roles vary from providing meals at fires and drills; organizing events such as open houses and department dinners; Fire education at community events; IT, Apparatus Repair or other tasks based on the skill and desire of the member.

Resident Firefighters
Our resident firefighter program consists of firefighters that live at the stations in exchange for staffing shifts at the department. Many of our resident firefighters are people pursing the career choice of firefighting and wish to gain experience. Others may work in the community but have a passion for firefighting and wish to live at the station staff shifts.

To volunteer contact us by email at or call us at 509 784 2941. We will look forward to hearing from you.



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Douglas County Fire District No. 4

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Telephone: 509 784 2941




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