Levy Lid Lift Facts & Information 
What is on my November General Election Ballot?  Fire District 4 is proposing a Levy Lid Lift on the November 6th ballot.  Ballots were mailed out on October 19th. 
How much does the current Levy collect?    The current Levy rate is .585 cents per 1000 of assessed property valuation, resulting in a tax collection of $318,119 for the fire district. That means a home value valued at $100,000 currently pays $4.88 per month (or $58.50 per year). 
How much will the levy increase?    The Levy rate is proposed to increase to .97 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation (AV).  This means that a home valued at $100,000 would pay $8.08 per month (or $97 per year) This would result in $3.20 per month additional taxation (or $38.50 per year). This new rate will result in a tax collection of $527,108 (using the estimate of this year’s valuation). This is an annual increase in revenue of approximately $208,989. 
How long will the proposed increase last?    The levy lid lift will be at a rate of .97 cents per $1000 of assessed valuation (AV) during the years of 2019,2020, and 2021.  The tax rate for 2022 and future years will use the base rate of .97 and calculate that rate times the 1% allowable inflation increase that is currently applied to the rate of .585 cents per $1000 AV. 
What will the increase pay for?    This levy lid lift will provide funding for projects like relocating Station #3, and constructing a modest updated building. The increase will also provide funding to replace current fire engines and fire tenders (water trucks) with combined pumper-tenders and replace current brush trucks and rescue vehicles with combined brush truck rescue vehicles.  
Why increase the levy?    DCFD4 Commissioners and Officers have worked for many years to eliminate debt and building a reserve large enough to begin updating the district buildings and equipment without acquiring large amounts of debt.  Many Grants have been received and utilized over the years to help with this effort.  The District must keep a minimum fund balance and still cover the annual budgeted expenses. Without the levy increase, station and large equipment updates will not be able to be done in a timely manner.  The increased levy will result in better service to the residents of Fire District #4 and potentially lower insurance rates for residents who are not currently within 5 miles of a station. 
Detailed department plan information is explained in the newsletter that was sent out on October 16th. 
Whom do I contact with additional questions? Visit our website for more information about Fire District 4 at  Fire Commissioner Pat Brandt is available to answer any additional questions by email at

    Assessed Value (AV)                            Current Tax.585/1000                      Proposed Tax .97/1000

      $100,000                      $58.50                                             $97.00
       $150,000                                                  $87.75                                            $145.50

       $200,000                                                  $117.00                                          $194.00

        $250,000                                                    $146.25                                         $242.50
       $300,000                                                   $175.50                                          $291.00

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